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Submitted by The Armchair Monetary Analyst

These are the three main the explanation why the Khazarian Cabal is forcing the closure of particular banking establishments earlier than all banks are taken over by Huge Authorities.

Individuals are completely lacking the purpose(s) relating to these engineered financial institution runs and focused financial institution closures.  The true and dire causes are as follows:


It must be apparent by now that sure banks are being focused for termination, sure?!

Actually, there are three essential classes of banks now being systematically shut down.

First, there are the cryptocurrency-friendly banks which offer large liquidity for the crypto-traders right here, there and all over the place.  With out these cooperative banks, which facilitate billions upon billions of {dollars} of crypto-trades, the cryptocurrency trade is vastly hampered particularly with regard to executing giant transactions expeditiously.  The NWO globalist cabal needs all crypto, significantly Bitcoin, gone—FOREVER—in order that they will roll out their CBDC with none competitors. (CBDC = Central Financial institution Digital Forex). The Khazarian Cabal is aware of that state-sponsored CBDCs and privately issued cryptocurrencies can not coexist in the identical forex and/or funding house.

Secondly, there are the various weak impartial banks which the Too Huge To Fail banks need faraway from {the marketplace} earlier than the long-planned managed demolition of the World Financial & Monetary System begins.  All the TBTF banks need these depositors fairly badly to be able to compensate for dropping so many shoppers because the banksters have been outed.  Each the ‘public’ Central Banking Cartel and ‘personal’ Worldwide Banking Crime Syndicate have been uncovered as the first funding brokers for (i) genocidal regimes the world over (e.g. Ukraine & Australia), (ii) for the inveterate warmongering nations (e.g. US & UK), and (iii) for the assorted state actors that are surely prodigious terrorist organizations (e.g. Israel & Saudi Arabia).

Too-Big-To-Fail Banks Flooded With Deposits As
Bank Run Drains Small Bank Of Cash

Thirdly, there’s a very stealthy NWO conspiratorial plot afoot to fully take away all paper forex and steel coinage from your entire planetary civilization.  The cabal is very decided to strip Individuals of their cash that’s not stored within the banks, each private and business (that is actually why Biden employed 87,000 armed IRS brokers).  Due to this fact, with these well-planned financial institution closures, they’ve begun the method of closing each financial institution with a storefront throughout the USA.  Merely put, no financial institution to stroll into, no money to withdraw.  Which signifies that all banks will ultimately be focused with closure. This top-secret institutional conspiracy is as severe because it will get as a result of it conveniently paves the best way to the speedy institution of a CBDC-based financial system.


Your entire U.S. Banking Trade is being ready for a complete takeover by the U.S. Federal Authorities.  This covert plan might be carried out after the managed demolition of the World Financial & Monetary System is additional alongside.  Banking, insurance coverage, actual property, derivatives, carbon, and so forth. will all be in ruins after that devastating demo.  As soon as shares and bonds crash and burn, currencies and commodities across the globe will shortly observe.  The globalists know that the one technique to take over the American Republic is to disempower the US citizenry by squeezing off their liquidity and exerting most management over all financial transactions.


The Khazarian Cabal is aware of that the one manner ahead to a completely functioning One World Authorities is through a One World Forex.  Therefore, they’re on a really severe mission to swiftly transition the world’s monetary paradigm in order that the ensuing institutional preparations match properly beneath the rubric of a centrally managed One World Financial institution.  For under on this manner will the cabal management freaks on the very high have the ability to exert full command and management over each individual on the planet.

A worldwide social credit score system can then be virtually administered and strictly enforced when a worldwide CBDC turns into the usual and solely means for all transactions.  Monitoring each single CBDC transaction makes their job of operating a totalitarian One World Authorities as a “Tyrannical Technocracy” fairly straightforward in comparison with the worldwide dumpster hearth the cabal has to take care of in the present day.  On the finish of the day, each world citizen might be fully managed through their ever-fluctuating social credit score rating, in order that they intend.

The capital of the One World Authorities has already been recognized as Jerusalem because the Khazarian Cabal has hardwired Israel  for that function since its very inception.  As with each single dramatic managed demolition such because the 9/11 false flag terrorist assaults, the Khazarians have used Mossad to execute these black operations.  Which is precisely why the next suspicious transfer occurred, simply as related monetary maneuvers happened previous to and after September 11, 2001.

Israeli Banks Transferred $1 Billion Out of SVB Before Collapse


Simply because this very stark evaluation is as correct because it will get doesn’t imply that any of those Khazarian schemes are foregone conclusions.

Though the exceedingly delusional globalists would really like us to imagine their New World Order implementation plan is nearly a fait accompli, it’s very removed from it.

Which signifies that each human being alive in the present day should do their stage greatest to throw a JUMBO wrench into the NWO juggernaut because it clunkers throughout the 7 continents.

As soon as the juggernaut has been stopped useless in its tracks, We the Individuals can start to hold out our personal very particular plan that begins with justice for individuals who perpetrated the continued Covid injection genocide.

The Armchair Monetary Analyst
State of the Nation
March 14, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Notice: As all the time, this manufactured banking disaster has a number of goals a few of which can seem like working at cross functions with one another.  That’s exactly the best way the Khazarian perps design these convoluted psyops in order that they’re very tough to determine.  A few of these super-dramatic BANK RUN occasions even replicate an intense battle happening inside the world energy construction.  For instance, the SVB financial institution failure occurred on March tenth, solely 3 days after Fed Chair Jerome Powell formally introduced that “interest rates are ‘likely to be higher’ than previously anticipated”.  This timing alone signifies a fierce battle between the FED and the Biden Administration, in addition to between the London banksters and the Sultans of Silicon Valley. (See: Why the London-based Head of Risk Management took down Silicon Valley Bank)  The underside line is that, on the finish of any “fiat cash” confidence recreation of this magnitude, the snake of predatory capitalism will ultimately begins to eat it personal head after it has eaten its a lot of its personal physique.  Which signifies that the reptiles on the very high of the meals chain at the moment are starting to prey on one another.  The highest tier of the  Khazarian Cabal has all the time recognized that the perfect protection is an awesome offense.

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