Throwing some Chill again on WDTex

by Dennis Crouch

I posted yesterday about adjustments in W.D.Tex. distribution of patent instances below the lead “Waco could also be Heating Up Once more this Winter.”  I famous a brand new order from Decide Garcia that appeared to implicitly distribute Waco patent instances again to Decide Alan Albright.  I additionally famous preliminary statistics for December 2022 exhibiting the overwhelming majority of Waco instances being assigned to Decide Albright.  The one exception so-far in December is a pair of associated instances assigned to Decide Yeakel.

This publish pulls-back a bit. I dug into the information a bit additional, with the next outcomes:

  • 18 instances filed within the Waco Division of W.D.Tex.
  • 13 of those have been assigned to Decide Albright. BUT, all 13 are immediately associated to a case both at present earlier than Decide Albright or one which was dismissed throughout the previous 12 months.
  • 2 of the instances had been assigned to Decide Yeakel; and 3 of the instances are unassigned.  None of those seem associated to a case at present earlier than Decide Albright.

What all this implies: (1) there’s nonetheless some quantity of distribution ongoing; and (2) we don’t know what is admittedly occurring from any official place. The important thing takeaway then is that we’ll want to attend and see what actions new Chief Decide Moses takes.

In case numbers total, For December 2022 WDTex stays the preferred district however is carefully adopted by NDIll and NDCal.

One attention-grabbing case to look at is Apple Inc. v. AliveCor, Inc., Docket No. 5:22-cv-07608 (N.D. Cal. Dec 02, 2022).  AliveCor seems to be successful its case within the ITC exhibiting that the the Apple Watch is infringing. Now, Apple has sued AliveCor, alleging that the startup’s wearable coronary heart displays infringe Apple patents. [APPLE ALIVECOR complaint].